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Protein is categorized as a “macronutrient” just like fats and carbohydrates. But unlike fats and carbohydrates, the body does not store protein, so there is no storage to go to when protein is needed. What is not needed the body will excrete as waste.


So, with that said you should eat protein at regular intervals throughout the day to build muscle effectively. I suggest eating 6 small meals a day instead of the traditional big three and consume a good quality source of protein with each of them. Below is a list of over 40 good sources of protein.

However, I should mention that the amount of protein which our body can digest and use for muscle building purposes is not always 100%. The most easily digested natural protein source are whole eggs. The percentage our body’s absorbs egg’s protein source is 94%. Because eggs contain the best protein digestion rate of any natural source, eggs are given a protein BV “Biological Rating” of “100” and all other protein containing food sources are rated according to how easily they are digested in comparison to egg protein.

Today, there are protein powders which digest even easier than egg protein and can be used by our bodies more than the 94%. These protein powders would have a protein rating higher than 100 which is noted on the table below the highest natural sources of proteins.

Тренировки для набора мышечной массы

Highest Natural Sources of Protein

  1. Any lean cuts of meats
  2. 100% Whey Protein Shakes
  3. White meat or Poultry
  4. Any Raw Nuts, Peas, Beans (not refried), Lentils or Legumes high protein foods for vegetarians
  5. Most fish
  6. Any seafood
  7. Raw Almonds –
  8. Lightly Cashews
  9. Lightly peanuts
  10. Tuna
  11. Sardines
  12. Trout
  13. Salmon
  14. Bass (fresh water/sea)
  15. Cod
  16. Crab
  17. Crayfish
  18. Flounder
  19. Steaks with fat trimmed off
  20. Oysters (half shell)
  21. Shrimp
  22. Beef (range-fed or game)
  23. Lean Chicken breast (skinless)
  24. deli Turkey breast
  25. Skinless Turkey breast
  26. deli Turkey
  27. Scallops
  28. Egg whites
  29. Eggs
  30. Egg beaters
  31. Leanest cuts of Beef like Red round steaks and roasts, top loin, top sirloin and chuck shoulder and arm roasts.
  32. Leanest cuts of pork like pork loin, tenderloin, center loin and ham.
  33. Well-trimmed Leg of lamb
  34. Top Round Leg cutlet or Chop cuts of Veal
  35. Cornish hen
  36. Hazelnuts
  37. Pecans
  38. Pistachio nuts
  39. Natural peanut butter
  40. natural cashew butter
  41. natural almond butter
  42. Pumpkin seeds
  43. Sunflower seed

Biological Value

The Biological Value (BV) is a scale of measurement used to determine what percentage of a given nutrient source is utilized by the body. The scale is most frequently applied to protein sources. Biological Value is derived from providing a measure intake of protein, then determining the nitrogen uptake versus nitrogen excretion. The theoretical highest BV of any food source is 100%. With that said,”BV” refers to how well and how quickly your body can actually use the protein you eat.

Питание для наращивания мышц: какие продукты нужно есть

Below is a list of various sources of protein and their BV Ratings.

Protein Ratings
Eggs (whole) 100
Eggs (whites) 88
Chicken / Turkey 79
Fish 70
Lean Beef 69
Cow’s Milk 60
Unpolished Rice 59
Brown Rice 57
White Rice 56
Peanuts 55
Peas 55
Whole Wheat 49
Soy beans 47
Whole-grain Wheat 44
Peanuts 43
Corn 36
Dry Beans 34
White Potato 34

Наращивание мышечной массы - питание - GrowFood

Here is a short list of some protein sources you can find in supplements today. Notice how they compare to the natural sources listed above:

Protein Ratings
Whey Protein Isolate 159
Whey Protein Concentrate 104
Casein 77
Soy 74

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