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Of course if you are skinny you can build muscle. But you will have to know how!!! Its not as simple as going and getting a gym membership and lifting weights 3-4 times a week. This is why I set up this blog I will be sharing all that information here for free!!

First muscle building tip to build muscle fast…..

To go from skinny to muscular you need to make sure you are eating enough to gain weight and muscle. To determine your daily caloric needs to gain weight and muscle put in your age, height, weight and activity level in the calculator at the bottom of the page. The calculator below will give you an estimate of what your caloric needs to gain weight, lose weight or to maintain your weight.
If you are skinny and to want to build muscle you must be sure you always get the the amount of calories needed to gain weight everyday. When you are skinny that is a indicator that your metabolism burns faster than most which means you will need to eat more so that your body will have the excess energy to build muscle.

Going forward from this point you will need to keep a close watch on your weight and your muscularity and soon you will know if the increase in calories is enough or if it needs to be raised higher. Thru this trial and error approach after a few weeks you will know exactly what your body’s daily caloric needs are. Once you get this figured out you will notice your ability to build muscle will jump exponentially!!! Use this calculator as a tool. The science behind this calculator is not an exact science because we are all different when it comes to our metabolisms. But this calculator is great tool and a great place to start!!! Again, keep an eye on your weight and muscularity and you will soon know what your body’s daily caloric needs are to gain weight and muscle or to lose weight!!!

To Build Muscle Fast You Must Make Sure your calories come from quality food sources

If you are skinny or fat to build muscle fast you must supply your body with not only calories but foods dense in the nutrients it needs to grow so the quality of your calories are important. You just cant eat cookies and fast food and expect to build muscle. You need to get enough quality Protein and Carbs in your diet to build muscle fast…
And no you don’t need excessive amounts of protein in your diet to build muscles which are suggested on the labels of protein supplements and in muscle magazines. Many say you need a minimum of 1-3 grams of protein for every pound you weigh and this is outrageous!! Yes you do need more than the average guys so use the following calculation:
Current Weight (lbs) x .80 = Daily Protein Requirement
So if you weigh 160 lbs x .80 = 128 grams of protein
Now as far as Carbs you need about 2.5 to 4 grams for every pound you weight daily to build muscle fast. So if you are tired of being skinny or tired of no muscle gains see the importance of nutrition and return here.
Also make sure your protein sources are the best sources to build muscle fast. Review these sources of protein by visiting the link below and return here…
Also make sure your carbohydrate sources are the best sources to build muscle fast. Carbs are especially important for skinny guys looking to build muscle fast. Review these sources of carbs by visiting the link below and return here…
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Next muscle building tip to build muscle fast is you have to do the Right Exercises!! A lot of times guys think you can build muscle with isolation type exercises such as bicep curls, chest flyes, triceps extensions, and leg extensions…AND THEY ARE TOTALLY WRONG!!! The absolute best exercises to build muscle fast will always be multi-joint, compound exercises..So if you are tired of being skinny, tired of being weak, tired of no muscle gains see the exercises you should focus on below to build muscle fast….

Second muscle building tip to build muscle fast….

Doing Exercises Wrong!! Incorrect exercise form is probably the most common problem there is and why so many weightlifters are unable to build muscle fast. The main issue that a lot of people have is cheating, but some just do exercises completely wrong and end up injuring themselves. The best way to avoid this is to look over our diagrams and videos. Some of the most common exercises that people do flat out wrong are the squat, dead lift, and seated rows. When doing squats, people will often incorrectly bend their backs, which will greatly increase the risk of injury and the same goes for dead-lifts.
Cheat reps are another thing I see people doing a lot in the gym. These are okay every once in a while, but you have to realize that you’re not getting a full workout like that. You may actually be causing some muscular imbalances that may lead to injuries. The two most common exercises in which people cheat are standing curls (dumbbell or barbell) and the bench press. When doing curls, people tend to lean backward, granting themselves additional leverage with which they can move the weight.
This is a good way to hurt your back or just not work your arms at all. You should not be moving your back; in fact, only your forearms should be moving. And with the bench press, I notice that a lot of people tend to only do half or quarter reps because they have to much weight on the bar. Many will also arch their back, lift their legs up off the floor, or bounce the weight off their chest. All of these are bad, especially the middle one, as it can cause injury in the shoulder or back. So do the exercises with perfect form and you will be well on your way to building muscle.

Third muscle building tip to build muscle fast….

How Many Sets and Reps should I do to build muscle fast??? A critical part to any successful muscle building program is to answer the question of how many sets per exercise. What I’m about to tell you will probably astonish you and it is the best way to build muscle fast. Most of you are used to doing at least four sets per exercise. Some of you may even be doing more sets than that and for a time I was with you.
There are many bodybuilding experts that stress several sets per exercise and or a total of 20 to 25 sets per workout is required to gain muscle mass. However, in my experience wasting weeks and months working out in the gym using this philosophy with little or no results left me on the threshold of quitting!!!
I have found that 10-12 total sets per workout are all that’s needed to build muscle quickly. This is a far from what you see in most muscle building magazines out there today. I would never recommend a high set muscle building workout to skinny guys looking to build muscle size. Most people are over trained because they do too many sets and reps. Typically a lot of people recovery ability is poor because they don’t eat properly, don’t sleep enough and are stressed out due to everyday life. This is why fewer total sets is better for most especially for those who are tired of being skinny looking to build muscle fast.
It seems the typical muscle building rep range has been 10-14 reps for upper body exercises. Again this is wrong when you do 10-14 reps you build up a lot of lactic acid and muscle fatigue. Inevitably, the quality of your following sets will decline. The key to building muscle and getting bigger is to build strength. The higher up on the rep range you are the more difficult this becomes. No increased strength equals no muscle growth!! However, when it comes to leg exercises and rep ranges high reps are best!!
This has to do with the fact that we spend so much time on our feet and that the calves, thighs and hamstrings have adapted to this daily demand. Higher reps when it comes to legs is best for massive muscle growth!! Stay within the rep range 6-12 for upper body exercises and 12-20 for lower body exercises to build muscle fast.

Fourth muscle building tip to build muscle fast….

Force Your Body To Adapt to build muscle fast. After imposing a new demand on the body (lifting weights), the initial response is always exhaustion. The body will fight to return to its previous level of equilibrium. But the human body is amazing and it will not be content with this. The human body wants to be prepared for that demand the next time it’s faced with it, so the body will actually overcompensate and rebuild itself bigger and stronger.
That is what you want!!! You will realize this effect when you are able to exceed your previous performances in the gym (bench press 225 lbs x 5 reps to 225 lbs x 7 reps). The end result is bigger and stronger muscles. This is the reasoning behind why you must always shoot to top your previous week’s performance and constantly be adding weight to your movements or doing more reps with the same weight. Your body quickly adapts to the same weights and reps in your workout.
When you repeat that workout for a second time you have absolutely no choice but to go up in weight or reps. This tip cannot be stressed enough and must not be discounted. Every workout is a war between you and your previous performance in the gym. You must do all that you can to ensure that you emerge triumphant each and every time as much as possible. You will lose some battles along the way but you will not lose the war. You must stick to this critically important tenet or you will never develop the muscular physique you’re after.
So if you are tired of being skinny, tired of being weak, tired of no muscle gains see the importance of controlling your body’s hormonal responses to build muscle fast…
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Fifth muscle building tip to build muscle fast….

Training Session Length and REST. When you begin a training session, your body starts to release growth hormone and testosterone. The release of these anabolic hormones peaks at about the 27-minute mark and falls back to baseline at around 45 minutes. Training for any longer than 45 minutes starts to increase the release of cortisol, which is a catabolic hormone that eats away muscle tissue and increases the storage of body-fat. Going beyond 45 minutes also severely decreases the production of testosterone. This is what is known as the testosterone/cortisol ratio.
When trying to remain in an anabolic state (a condition where your body can build muscle fast), you want to keep your testosterone levels higher and your cortisol levels lower. For this reason I recommend that you always limit your workouts to 30-45 minutes, max. It is for this reason I keep my workouts broken up into body parts. That way you are only in the gym 30-40 minutes max!!! After the 45-minute mark, you will also find your performance starting to suffer. Your mental focus will begin to fade. It is difficult for most people to give all they have, set after set for much longer than 30-45 minutes. Limiting your workouts to this amount of time ensures that your mental focus will be high right from the get go and remain so throughout the duration of your workout.
If you enter the gym knowing that you have two hours ahead of you, it can often be difficult to get fired up enough to workout effectively and not to mention staying with anytime type of workout program. Shorter training sessions also allow you to train body-parts more frequently. That is because you recover much quicker and more efficiently from short workouts. So, the lesson here is maximum 45 minute workout excluding warm up time. Going longer than this only leads to over training and lackluster results along with potential injuries.

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