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The benefits of caffeine in helping you build muscle mass just keeps piling up. Caffeine is definitely one of the cheapest substances around, which in turn makes it the cheapest muscle building supplement around.

Day after day more and more research has proven that not only can taking caffeine before a weight training workout session help blunt the pain associated with intense training, but also reduce the soreness that forms afterwards in the muscle. In addition, it can even make the muscle itself stronger.

Hey, combining being able to use more weight for more reps, for longer periods will definitely push muscle building in your favor!

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Here are some of the studies:

*Researchers from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) reported that weight-trained men who drank coffee (or a caffeine pill) 1 hour before working out raised the number of repetitions they could complete on the bench press.

*In another study, they also reported that taking caffeine before a workout session allowed them to use 5 more pounds than normal on the same exercise (the bench press).

*The University of Georgia (Athens), a 2007 University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in New Orleans, and the University of Connecticut (Storrs) at the 2007 ACSM Meeting all found that caffeine about 1 hour before working out not only helped reduce

the pain from the intense weight lifting bouts, but also either increased strength and / or performance than when not taking the caffeine pill / coffee.

*The University of Georgia reported that caffeine helped lower delayed-onset muscle soreness after a leg workout that used negative training (and we all know how a lot of us walk around limping for days because of soreness in our legs after doing a ton of lunges).

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The key in all of this is to drink either a caffeine pill, like Vivarin or No Doze, or better yet, drink a strong cup of coffee, that is the equivalent of 200-400 mgs of caffeine 30 – 60 minutes before that muscle building workout session.

However, caffeine does have some side effects that probably would affect muscle building in positive and negative ways.

For musclebuilding, this can go either way. Caffeine has been known to deliver a naturally thermogenic effect in the body. There is a problem with this, especially for bodybuilders training and competing at both professional and intermediate levels, which is that the thermogenic effect can also prevent muscle gains.

This thermogenic effect keeps the body in a state of increased stimulation and can be very beneficial for making the abs more defined and the veins start to pop out. This also removes the extra calories, which is one of the primary components you need to build new muscle. Caffeine needs to be taken very sparingly if you are in a training period to put on and grow new muscle.

Burning Off the Fat

There is no question that caffeine is a great tool for burning fat. A lot of bodybuilders are using the ECA stack while training, which combines caffeine with ephedrine and aspirin for effective results. But even by itself, caffeine can be used as a powerful tool in order to achieve increased oxidation and a desired thermogenic effect. Using about 200 mg 2 times a day can help out with diet and cardio for burning body fat.

Increased Energy

It has never been debated that caffeine will lead to increased energy. A lot of people use the energy boost of caffeine for simple daily tasks like waking up in the morning or staying alert at their job. Professional bodybuilders on the other hand spend their workday engaging in and out of intense 1-2 hour training sessions, so they use the advantage of this extra energy to increase the results of their workouts.

Increased Mental Clarity

You might not think that bodybuilders would need this to be an advantage, but in fact mental well being is very important for a bodybuilder. The heavy demands placed on the body can borrow resources for recovery, resources normally reserved for mental processes. The training of bodybuilders who know what they’re doing requires a huge amount of counting, measurement, and attention to detail. Caffeine offers huge benefits and advantages in every one of these areas.

My suggestion is this if you are going to take caffeine for a pickup me for a weight lifting workout use just enough for your workout and don’t take enough where it’s going to keep you hyper for hours.

If you take so much where you are racing around for hours after your workout it means your body is burning more calories than normal which could hurt your muscle gains!!!So regardless of what muscle building program you are using……. taking caffeine as directed above can increase your results!!!


Did you know that since the 2000 Olympics caffeine has been banned by the International Olympic Committee. The level that is banned is approximately 8 cups of coffee.  If the IOC found that much caffeine in your urine, they would assume that you are trying to gain a competitive advantage.

Studies suggest that caffeine mobilizes fat stores and encourages working muscles to use fat as a fuel.  This delays the utilization of muscle glycogen which increases exercise duration and intensity.

Caffeine may also have an impact on the brain, making you feel that your level of exertion is lower than it actually is.  This will allow you to push longer and harder. It may also help keep your muscles relaxed.

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