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How Many Sets Per Workout

First of all stop listening to what you see in muscle magazines and their work out routines they profile and recommend. Those routines are for those who are genetically gifted and take steroids. These magazines do this to create larger than life characters so in the end you will do whatever they tell you…which leads to you

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Best Ab Exercises

The captain’s chair leg raise is the second most effective move for the rectus abdominis as well as the obliques. You can do a variety of exercises on the captain’s chair, which is a rack with padded arms that allows your legs to hang free and can be found in most health clubs and gyms. The key to keeping

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Build Strength and Muscle with Negatives

When it comes to building strength and muscle mass the negative portion of the exercise is often overlooked. Max Bench Press contestants, bodybuilders and pro athletes all use negatives to improve strength and to build muscle and to get an edge in their sport. So how can you use negatives? Let me explain. 3 phases

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Avoid These Muscle Building Mistakes

1. Dont starve yourself!!! You must eat after your workout. After your workout routine your body is desperately looking for any source to convert glucose into glycogen so your muscles can begin to repair themselves and grow. All fitness experts who have obtained a “Ph.D” agree if you don’t eat after exercise, your body breaks

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How Does Creatine Help

The best way to explain how creatine works to build muscle is to give you a real life example everyone who lifts weights can relate to. I’ll start off with a bench press example. This is how I know for a fact that creatine supplementation works!!! Let’s say you want to get 5 reps with

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Increase Testosterone Production Naturally

To build muscle and strength maximizing your normal production of testosterone is important. The most common reason for declining testosterone levels is aging. However, testosterone levels typically decrease during emotional stress, over training, physical inactivity, after the use of anabolic steroids, alcohol abuse, prescription medication usage and certain diseases. Did you know your testosterone will