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The complex of sports nutrition for weight loss

Sports nutrition for weight loss was selected by SportsWiki using data from scientific analysis of the properties of sports supplements, while taking into account customer reviews, independent articles and sports literature. This complex of sports nutrition for weight loss is based on the most effective supplements that work well with each other and have a synergistic effect. Sports

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Sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass

We bring to your attention a complex of sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass . This complex is compiled on the basis of empirical data collected from several hundred customer reviews, independent research, scientific analysis, price / quality ratio, synergy of components and a high degree of their compatibility. Sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass is selected on the basis of objective

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Side Effects and Dangers of Anabolic Steroid

Anabolic steroid use and abuse has been linked to several undesirable side effects. Side effects ranging from acne and the development of breasts in men to side effects that are life threatening such as heart attacks and cancer of the liver. Most of the side effects caused by the use of steroids can be reversed


Healthy Snacks for Bodybuilding

When trying to add muscle to your frame you need to understand that you have to consume more calories than your body requires to maintain your current body weight.  This means you have to eat more of everything; especially protein rich foods. Protein is important in both maintaining and building muscle. Many bodybuilders eat huge

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Musclebuilding Supplements I Don’t Recommend

Beta-Alanine Supposedly much of Beta-Alanine’s effects come through boosting the synthesis of an intramuscular dipeptide (two amino acids) called carnosine. To function effectively, muscle cells rely on the powerful intracellular buffer carnosine to avoid becoming acidic (low pH) during exercise. If you want your muscles to remain strong and maintain powerful contractions, they need to

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Importance of Water & Staying Hydrated

Your body and muscles is approximately 75%!!! So it should come to no surprise that you need to stay hydrated to build muscle. 5 IMPORTANT reasons why water is critical to your bodybuilding GOALS (1) Maximum Strength. Hydration means best possible strength. Strength can decrease by as much as 15% with a decrease in optimum hydration levels of

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How important is protein

Almost everybody knows or should know that our muscles are made up of protein. Protein is an important element of every cell in our body. Like water, protein makes up a large part of our body. Our hair and nails are made of mostly protein. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues to